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Dynamic Transportation Robot for Industry & Manufacturing

Build To Be Effective

Restaurant robot Lucki - Smooth & Agile
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We make Process Automation affordable & easy

Orionstar Europe - original - white star



Orionstar Europe - original - white star



Orionstar Europe - original - white star



Strong points



+ Needs Less Space

+ Dynamic Routes

+ Most Affordable Process Automation

+ 1-Day Implementation

+ Call The Robot With Buttons & APP


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- Needs Standard Routes

- High Costs

- Implementation Is Difficult

- Less Accurate

- Interaction Is Difficult


When is Lucki especially good to use

  • When space is limited

  • Navigating amidst people is necessary

  • Emphasizing agility and safety

  • Preferring collaborative work between human and robot

Restaurant Robot App

Navigate Lucki With Your Phone 

With our APP we have again innovated the usage of restaurant robots. When the food is ready, you can call Lucki to the Kitchen or to a loading point and place the order on him. Then with just a tap on the screen, Lucki moves to the designated location. With our APP you can also track statistics and upload marketing material with ease.


Car-making factory

Medium Size 



Industrial Plants

  • An easy first step into automation

  • Collaborative approach

  • Low investment risk




Industrial Plants

  • Smart multi robot interaction

  • Seamless and easy to integrate

  • Fast ROI’s

Warehouse Shelves from Above



  • Decision making through humans

  • Increase organization

  • Remain stationaryationary



Manufacturing line that creates quality micro parts. The manufacturing takes 20 different steps with cleaning procedures in between. Someone has to collect the pieces, clean them and send them to the next place manually.

Seamless Workflow Perfected by Lucki:
A Smoother Sequence Unveiled!

Witness the flawless sequence

  1. Workers load up to 40 Kg of components onto Lucki.

  2. A quick call summons Lucki to their location.

  3. Parts are expertly placed on Lucki.

  4. Lucki autonomously transports parts to the cleaning station.

  5. At the station, a worker retrieves the components.

  6. Lucki is dispatched to its next destination.


Empowered workers now dedicate themselves fully to core tasks, optimizing productivity. Maintenance takes a back seat, granting more time for revenue-generating activities. Through reduced walking and collaborative robot interaction, teamwork reaches new heights

Download free brochure

Lucki is here to help in your business. In this brochure you will learn more about the use cases of Lucki, outstanding features and the product discription. Download now!


Cyber Security

We have an extensive set of cybersecurity certificates and standards

Here are our most important certificates:




AWS Frankfurt

ISO certificates


We ensure that the implementation of Lucki is seamless and secure for your company. Following European standards and modelled around best practices from Germany.

How to use


So you can choose how many trays you want to use, whether you want to sticker the robot in the corporate style or use a food protector.


Food protector

Adjustable Trays

Martketing robot
Technical Strengths

Strong AI

We deliver the most advanced artificial intelligence among delivery robots. Lucki is able to do tasks and solve problems that usually require hard labor. Paired with a powerful QUALCOMM snapdragon® processor, Lucki bot is able to maneuver objects effortlessly and fluidly by scanning the surrounding.

Multi robot interaction

We have developed a unique way of communication between our robots, in order to increase productivity even further. Already from a long distance, the multiple Lucki’s estimated each other's paths, and calculate the most efficient route. The more robots are active in one setting the more critical this functionality becomes. In alignment with Lucki’s reputation, our multi robot interaction is Agile & Smooth.

Technical Strengths

Advanced dual slam integration

The core technology that allows Lucki to avoid obstacles and calculate the most optimal route in seconds is his sensoric technology. The dual slam is a combination of a Heat sensing depth camera, paired with a LIdar Laser scanner. This technology is the standard equipment for restaurant robots, however, what makes the difference in quality is the synergy between hardware and software. Our outstanding integration allows Lucki to have an incredible accurate power of recognition and prediction.

Abstracte achtergrond

Good to know

Safety First

Lucki bot is certified to ensure safety throughout a variety of use cases. Additionally, we made it our mission to provide safe and secure software for everyone. At OrionStar, cybersecurity is highly valued and prioritised

No Internet No Problem

Even in the event that Lucki bot loses internet connection, it can still maneuver effortlessly & safely. The connection is needed in order to use the full functionality. None of the less, with our 4G adaptability, the loss of internet connection is a rare occurrence.


Extra Flexibility with Zorabots

Our exclusive partnership with Zora allows us to extend the level of personalisation of our OrionStar robots. With the simple interface provided by Zorabots, you can create a complex program without writing a single line of code.

  • Where is the headquarter and warehouse located?
    Our European headquarter and warehouse is located in the Netherlands. This creates shorter and more secure distribution lines. Besides, in comparison with shipment from outside Europe, our warehouse is centrally located which results in faster delivery time.
  • How long does it take to install a service robot?
    This depends on the space and the amount of points of interests that need to be deployed (Such as tables, reception etc.). Usually, for 50 tables it only takes 30 min to set up the service robot. Fine tuning, is then an ongoing process based on your needs. But to sum up, its a very user friendly and efficient interface
  • What are the benefits of using the free consultancy?
    Oftentimes, it is not easy to see all the possibilities that service robots bring on the fist glance. We are here to give you more information on hot the service robot can be used specifically in your use case. We want to understand what kind of industry, company and location the request comes from in order to give the best solutions. With our consultancy we can help you find the best way for you to use the service robots.
  • What do service robots do?
    A service robot supports employees by reducing repetitive and exhausting tasks, in customer and user-friendly manner. The robots make operations more efficient on the work floor. Lucki bot helps carry around goods, products and dishes while presenting marketing content. Mini bot can be your reception guide by greeting and leading to the right destination while presenting marketing content as well.
  • How is Zorabots software used in Mini bot and Lucki bot?
    The Zorabots Operating System (ZBOS) is not a single application, but rather an ecosystem of local and cloud applications that work seamlessly together to offer the best possible user experience. With our exclusive partnership with Zorabots, the robots are able to be more interactive with - without writing a single line of code. With ZBOS personalisation possibilities are endless.
  • Is it possible for this delivery robot to transport liquids without spilling?
    Lucki bot can rapidly scan the surrounding environment and return the sensing signal with zero delays, allowing it to safely avoid obstacles, travel steadily, and navigate accurately. Moreover, Lucki is equipped with a lidar sensors which enables the robot to detect obstacles in real-time. Additionally, Lucki is equipped with an advanced suspension system, which comes in very hand for sharp turns and sudden breaking. This ensures Lucki with strong performance and stable movement. Besides, there are different delivery modes where it is possible to adjust and select the desired delivery speed as well.
  • How developer-friendly is Lucki bot?
    Lucki bot is easy to use without any technical background and can be used without writing a single line of code. Lucki is user-friendly and ready to use for every customer within any industry. Together with the Zorabots Operating System (ZBOS) and OrionStar Operating System (OrionStar OS), the possibilities are endless.
  • How can the appearance of Lucki bot be customised?
    Customisation possibilities for Lucki bot (and Mini bot) are endless. Based on your company's branding, we provide wrapping services where Lucki would blend perfectly within your team. With additional accessories, headgears, and add-ons, Lucki will be an outstanding eyecatcher.
  • Is it possible to see Lucki in Action?
    This depends on which country you are in. Feel free to contact us and we will do our utmost to make this possible.
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Delivery Robot - Lucki Bot - Specifications

Advanced Dual
Slam Solution

It allows our delivery robot to recognise obstacles and it automatically corrects its walking route to avoid obstacles.

Solid and stable chassis

Equipped with a Lidar sensing system, a depth camera & and advanced suspension system we ensure strong performance, balanced movement, and smooth navigation.

Adjustable trays

With adjustable heights and tray dimensions of 43x50 cm, Lucki bot holds up a maximum of 10kg per tray, and 40kg in total. 

Microphone and Speaker

6-microphone ring array, 360° coverage, effective within 5m, accurate pickup, clear and human tone.

Hard Specs

General Parameters

Overall Size | 558mm×525mm×1375mm
Net Weight |590Kg
Color | Pearl white + Elegant black
Screen Size | 14 inch; 1080FHD

Loading Capability

Loading Space | Trays / 4, Trays dimension 500 mm x 420 mm
Single Tray Load | Max 15kg
Total Load | 60Kg

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