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Next-GEN AI Delivery Robot

More Than Delivery

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Your Restaurant Robot

Orionstar Europe - original - white star


AI voice recognition accuracy

Orionstar Europe - original - white star


Improved loading capacity

Orionstar Europe - original - white star


Working time on a single charge

Strong points

Lucki bot PRO Stands out Among Restaurant Robots

Crystal-clear with OrionStar

Crystal-clear visuals and exceptional color representation with Orionstar's 14-inch ultra-large 1080P full HD display.

Expand Your Visual Horizons with a 92% Larger Viewable Area

Precise & Rapid Voice Interaction

powered by a groundbreaking 6-mic array that ensures crystal-clear audio capture even in noisy environments. With up to 97% voice recognition accuracy, Orionstar's AI voice technology understands your commands with precision, allowing you to control your device hands-free and enjoy a truly effortless interface.

Lucki PRO-dish recognition camara specification 4.png

Auto Identify & broad cast dishes

With accurate industry exclusive dish identification, restaurants can ensure that orders are fulfilled promptly and correctly, minimizing customer wait times and improving satisfaction.


PRO Promotion Ability

Dynamic & Realtime Promotion

Our innovative platform empowers you to effortlessly broadcast a diverse range of ads, eye-catching videos, and engaging images across multiple channels. This targeted approach ensures your message reaches the right people at the right time, maximizing the impact of your campaign

Interactive & Welcome

LuckiBot Pro is equipped with advanced sensors and artificial intelligence that enable it to perceive its surroundings and interact with customers in real time. The robot can detect visitors approaching and greet them with a friendly message or personalized promotion.

PRO Greeting & Leading

Interactive and Welcoming Presence

Whether you're navigating a crowded shopping mall, traversing a bustling cityscape, or exploring an unfamiliar location, LuckiBot Pro serves as your personal guide and navigator. The robot's ability to follow voice commands ensures that you reach your destination with ease and confidence.

Personal Guidance

Whether you're navigating a crowded shopping mall, traversing a bustling cityscape, or exploring an unfamiliar location, LuckiBot Pro serves as your personal guide and navigator. The robot's ability to follow voice commands ensures that you reach your destination with ease and confidence.

Rapid & Precise Response

The robot's advanced sensors provide a 240-degree all-around perception of the environment, allowing it to detect obstacles, people, and other objects with exceptional accuracy. This comprehensive awareness enables the robot to make informed decisions and navigate safely and efficiently.

PRO Delivery Efficiency

Intelligent Path Planning

Orionstar's path planning algorithms analyze the environment in real time, identifying the most efficient and safe route to the destination. This advanced planning ensures that delivery routes are optimized, minimizing travel time and maximizing delivery efficiency.

Smooth and Reliable Movement

Experience unparalleled stability and cross-terrain capability with Orionstar's innovative quasi-circular chassis design. This groundbreaking design, combined with the adoption of a torsion bar suspension, enables Orionstar to navigate various complex ground environments with ease and confidence.

PRO High Scalability


Customisable robot platform

Experience the limitless possibilities of customization with Orionstar's robot platform, designed for developers that wants to create truly unique and innovative robotic solutions. Our modular design and extensive range of universal data and power interfaces provide unprecedented flexibility, allowing you to tailor the platform to your specific needs and applications


OrionStar RobotOS seamlessly integrates with Android development environments, allowing you to leverage the power of Android's rich ecosystem and create intuitive user interfaces. Our SDK provides the tools and frameworks you need to develop seamless interactions between your robot and Android devices.


Easy To Use

Restaurant Robot App

Navigate Lucki With Your Phone 

With our APP we have again innovated the usage of restaurant robots. When the food is ready, you can call Lucki to the Kitchen or to a loading point and place the order on him. Then with just a tap on the screen, Lucki moves to the designated location. With our APP you can also track statistics and upload marketing material with ease.

A restaurant robot that anyone can set up

In minutes you can set up Lucki and use it in your business. Changes can be made on the go or on our provided OrionStar OS software. With the press on a button, Lucki always goes to the right destination - moving smoothly through your restaurant.

Want to know how you could use Lucki in your Business?

This is How Lucki Can be Used







Collection Mode

Lucki Delivers your food and your drinks to the target point and returns by himself to his starting point.

Lucki can stand in a designated area and show ads while interacting with customers.

Let Lucki Cruise around and determine how long he waits at each point. This is great for marketing.

Lucki can lead your customers to the tables, toilettes or any type of point you can set.

Send Lucki to multiple tables at once, collect the dirty dishes, and let him go to the dishwasher.

How to use
Abstracte achtergrond

Good to know

Safety First

Lucki bot is certified to ensure safety throughout a variety of use cases. Additionally, we made it our mission to provide safe and secure software for everyone. At OrionStar, cybersecurity is highly valued and prioritised

No Internet No Problem

Even in the event that Lucki bot loses internet connection, it can still maneuver effortlessly & safely. The connection is needed in order to use the full functionality. None of the less, with our 4G adaptability, the loss of internet connection is a rare occurrence.


Extra Flexibility with Zorabots

Our exclusive partnership with Zora allows us to extend the level of personalisation of our OrionStar robots. With the simple interface provided by Zorabots, you can create a complex program without writing a single line of code.


General Parameters

    Overal size | 558 mm x 525 mm x 1375mm

    Net weight | 40Kg

    Color | Pearl white + Elegant black

    Screen size | 14-inch; 1080 FHD

Loading Capacity

    Loading Space | 3 Trays / 4, Trays dimension 500 mm x 420 mm

    Single Tray Load | Max 15 Kg 

    Total Load | Max 60 Kg

Mobility Metrics

    Cruising Speed | 0.5 ~ 1.2 m/s (adjustable)

    Cruising Time | 12 H (typical cruising scene)

Charging Information

    Charging Time | 4.5 H (charge when turned off)

    Charging Mode | Supports two modes: Automatic Charging Dock + Cable

  • Where is the headquarter and warehouse located?
    Our European headquarter and warehouse is located in the Netherlands. This creates shorter and more secure distribution lines. Besides, in comparison with shipment from outside Europe, our warehouse is centrally located which results in faster delivery time.
  • How long does it take to install a service robot?
    This depends on the space and the amount of points of interests that need to be deployed (Such as tables, reception etc.). Usually, for 50 tables it only takes 30 min to set up the service robot. Fine tuning, is then an ongoing process based on your needs. But to sum up, its a very user friendly and efficient interface
  • What are the benefits of using the free consultancy?
    Oftentimes, it is not easy to see all the possibilities that service robots bring on the fist glance. We are here to give you more information on hot the service robot can be used specifically in your use case. We want to understand what kind of industry, company and location the request comes from in order to give the best solutions. With our consultancy we can help you find the best way for you to use the service robots.
  • What do service robots do?
    A service robot supports employees by reducing repetitive and exhausting tasks, in customer and user-friendly manner. The robots make operations more efficient on the work floor. Lucki bot helps carry around goods, products and dishes while presenting marketing content. Mini bot can be your reception guide by greeting and leading to the right destination while presenting marketing content as well.
  • How is Zorabots software used in Mini bot and Lucki bot?
    The Zorabots Operating System (ZBOS) is not a single application, but rather an ecosystem of local and cloud applications that work seamlessly together to offer the best possible user experience. With our exclusive partnership with Zorabots, the robots are able to be more interactive with - without writing a single line of code. With ZBOS personalisation possibilities are endless.
  • Is it possible for this delivery robot to transport liquids without spilling?
    Lucki bot can rapidly scan the surrounding environment and return the sensing signal with zero delays, allowing it to safely avoid obstacles, travel steadily, and navigate accurately. Moreover, Lucki is equipped with a lidar sensors which enables the robot to detect obstacles in real-time. Additionally, Lucki is equipped with an advanced suspension system, which comes in very hand for sharp turns and sudden breaking. This ensures Lucki with strong performance and stable movement. Besides, there are different delivery modes where it is possible to adjust and select the desired delivery speed as well.
  • How developer-friendly is Lucki bot?
    Lucki bot is easy to use without any technical background and can be used without writing a single line of code. Lucki is user-friendly and ready to use for every customer within any industry. Together with the Zorabots Operating System (ZBOS) and OrionStar Operating System (OrionStar OS), the possibilities are endless.
  • How can the appearance of Lucki bot be customised?
    Customisation possibilities for Lucki bot (and Mini bot) are endless. Based on your company's branding, we provide wrapping services where Lucki would blend perfectly within your team. With additional accessories, headgears, and add-ons, Lucki will be an outstanding eyecatcher.
  • Is it possible to see Lucki in Action?
    This depends on which country you are in. Feel free to contact us and we will do our utmost to make this possible.
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