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Hotel robots

What differentiates a hotel from many other types of industries, is that the operation includes much more facets. You might be specialised in room service, catering or even entertainment. The good news is that hotel robots can be used in many different scenarios with a seamless transition. You might need a restaurant robot during peak time, and a room service robot that helps carry lugages at the reception and so on. A flexible and multifunctional hotel robot is what your hotel might need.

Delivery robot for restaurants


Lucki bot and Mini bot are the perfect hotel robot that can help you and your hotel. Lucki works like an extra muscle and is able to help you in room service or carry luggage, while Mini bot greets and guides as a reception robot. It helps your hotel with acquiring customers for your hotel, which is the perfect marketing tool as well.

Lucki, the Room Service Robot

  • The Room service Robot: Lucki is able to help at the front office like the lobby or in the restaurant, but it is also able to work in the back office by bringing packages or even cruise around those long routes between point A and B. All whilst avoiding obstacles and people, to deliver your good stable, and secure. It is the perfect room service robot

  • AI Marketing Robot: Lucki is an eye-catching AI marketing robot. It can promote the hotel by advertising different characteristics or crucial information of the hotel.

  • A Small Walking TV: with Lucki’s 10.1-inch screen, Lucki is able to advertise characteristics of the hotel by playing a video or promotion photo. It can show the promoted or highlighted services of the day, while cruising through the area.

Mini, the Robot Guide

  • The Robot Guide:  customers are not able to find there hotel room? or no employee have time to show the customers there room? Let Mini, the robot guide, show the their room for you. 

  • Greeting Customers: if you want someone to be at the door attracting and welcoming customers, Mini got you covered. With Mini's capabilities of approaching people and having a two-way conversation, it is the perfect interactive and innovative way to greet customers.

  • A Small Walking TV: Mini, the AI marketing robot, can also play advertisements on cruise mode and at a fixed point. With Mini’s 14-inch screen, Mini is able to show customers promoted, highlighted places or other advertisement of the hotel. 

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