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Smooth & Agile Restaurant Robot

Build To Be Effective

Restaurant robot Lucki - Smooth & Agile
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Your Restaurant Robot

Orionstar Europe - original - white star



Orionstar Europe - original - white star



Orionstar Europe - original - white star



Download free brochure

Lucki is here to help in your business. In this brochure you will learn more about the use cases of Lucki, outstanding features and the product discription. Download now!

Strong points

Lucki bot Stands out Among Restaurant Robots

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Lucki Fits between your tables

We all know it, in restaurants nothing is static. There is always movement, customers move tables and sit far out the tables. Therefore, it is essential for restaurant robots to be able to pass even smaller gaps and manoeuvre smartly. Lucki has an outstanding slim design and Luckis AI allows a smooth passage down to 75 cm.

More Upsells -
The Easy Way

Naturally, a robot in itself is just an attention taker, when Lucki is working in the restaurant people take pictures and point at him. Now imagine, Lucki arrives at a table with the ordered food and shows your customers your new dessert at the same time. We have measured in our restaurant an increase of desert orders by 30% when using the marketing option of Lucki.

Restaurant Robot App

Navigate Lucki With Your Phone 

With our APP we have again innovated the usage of restaurant robots. When the food is ready, you can call Lucki to the Kitchen or to a loading point and place the order on him. Then with just a tap on the screen, Lucki moves to the designated location. With our APP you can also track statistics and upload marketing material with ease.

The Most Stable
Restaurant Robot Around

Lucki is outstanding when it comes to transporting food and beverages with elegance and smoothness. Critical items such as wines, coffees and soups are no problem for Lucki, we provide a restaurant robot that can perform even in busy settings. We can Prove it to You - visit us and see Lucki working in one of our restaurants or partners.

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Easy for you
A restaurant robot that anyone can set up

In minutes you can set up Lucki and use it in your business. Changes can be made on the go or on our provided OrionStar OS software. With the press on a button, Lucki always goes to the right destination - moving smoothly through your restaurant.

Want to know how you could use Lucki in your Business?

This is How Lucki Can be Used







Collection Mode

Lucki Delivers your food and your drinks to the target point and returns by himself to his starting point.

Lucki can stand in a designated area and show ads while interacting with customers.

Let Lucki Cruise around and determine how long he waits at each point. This is great for marketing.

Lucki can lead your customers to the tables, toilettes or any type of point you can set.

Send Lucki to multiple tables at once, collect the dirty dishes, and let him go to the dishwasher.

How to use

How to Use Restaurant Robots


So you can choose how many trays you want to use, whether you want to sticker the robot in the corporate style or use a food protector.


Food protector

Adjustable Trays

Martketing robot

Lucki Video's

Delivery Robot in Restaurants - Lucki bot

Delivery Robot in Restaurants - Lucki bot
Delivery Robot in Restaurants - Lucki bot
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Multi Robot Co-operation in Narrow Areas
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Personalised Promotions
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Delivery Robot in a Restaurant
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Technical Strengths

Strong AI

We deliver the most advanced artificial intelligence among delivery robots. Lucki is able to do tasks and solve problems that usually require hard labor. Paired with a powerful QUALCOMM snapdragon® processor, Lucki bot is able to maneuver objects effortlessly and fluidly by scanning the surrounding.