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Delivery robot Lucki - Smooth & Agile

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Orionstar Europe - original - white star



Orionstar Europe - original - white star



Orionstar Europe - original - white star



Strong AI

We deliver the most advanced artificial intelligence among delivery robots. Lucki is able to do tasks and solve problems that usually require hard labor. Paired with a powerful QUALCOMM snapdragon® processor, Lucki bot is able to maneuver objects effortlessly and fluidly by scanning the surrounding.

Slim Design

We have designed Lucki bot to fit in more narrow and critical parts of his route. With an Impressively low clearance of down to 75cm in width, our engineers managed to create a truly agile delivery robot. Moreover, with our sensors,
Lucki is able to sense where objects are to avoid obstacles.


“Does Lucki bot spill when it's more busy?” Our innovative suspension system makes our delivery robot outstanding in terms of stability. With our innovative technology, the delivery robot can communicate to other service robots to find the fastest and safest route. Even in fast turns and sudden breakings, your soup will be delivered with the least possible spill.

Easy for you
A delivery robot that anyone can set up

In minutes you can set up the delivery robot and use it in your business. Changes can be made on the go or on our provided OrionStar OS software. With the press on a button, Lucki always goes to the right destination that you have determined.

Want to know how you could use Lucki in your Business?

Functions & Accessories






Anti Theft

Food protector

Lucki bot in Action

Multi Robot Co-operation in Narrow Areas

Multi Robot Co-operation in Narrow Areas
Multi Robot Co-operation in Narrow Areas

Multi Robot Co-operation in Narrow Areas

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Personalised Promotions

Personalised Promotions

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Delivery Robot in a Restaurant

Delivery Robot in a Restaurant

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Delivery Robot vs. Human Actions

Delivery Robot vs. Human Actions

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Lucki bot
with Benefits

Safety First

Lucki bot is certified to ensure safety throughout a variety of use cases. Additionally, we made it our mission to provide safe and secure software for everyone. At OrionStar, cybersecurity is highly valued and prioritised

No Internet No Problem

Even in the event that Lucki bot loses internet connection, it can still maneuver effortlessly & safely. The connection is needed in order to use the full functionality. None of the less, with our 4G adaptability, the loss of internet connection is a rare occurrence.


Extra Flexibility with Zorabots

Our exclusive partnership with Zora allows us to extend the level of personalisation of our OrionStar robots. With the simple interface provided by Zorabots, you can create a complex program without writing a single line of code.

Delivery Robot - Lucki Bot - Specifications

Advanced Dual
Slam Solution

It allows our delivery robot to recognise obstacles and it automatically corrects its walking route to avoid obstacles.

Solid and stable chassis

Equipped with a Lidar sensing system, a depth camera & and advanced suspension system we ensure strong performance, balanced movement, and smooth navigation.

Adjustable trays

With adjustable heights and tray dimensions of 43x50 cm, Lucki bot holds up a maximum of 10kg per tray, and 40kg in total. 

Microphone and Speaker

6-microphone ring array, 360° coverage, effective within 5m, accurate pickup, clear and human tone.

Hard Specs

General Parameters

Overall Size | 526mm×493mm×1320mm
Net Weight | 40Kg
Color | Pearl white + Elegant black
Body Material | Aviation aluminum; High Strength PC+ABS (Food Grade Plastic Material)
Screen Size | 10.1 inch; 1080P

Loading Capability

Loading Space | 3 tiers /4 tiers adjustable, the area of each tier is 0.18 ㎡
Single Tray Load | 10Kg
Total Load | 40Kg
Gradeability | 5 Degrees
Interactive Ability |Voice Interaction + Touch Screen Control