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Collaboration with Coca-Cola & Heineken in supermarkets

Coca-Cola and Heineken, who doesn’t know these brands. Imagine these brands thinking outside the box to promote their products, what would attract customers and leave a memorable impression?

Lucki bot cruising with Coca Cola

Here is where Lucki bot comes into play. Attracting customers, displaying products, and cruising around, not by humans, but by robots. It’s barely used by companies, but once one uses it for promotion, it not only gets attention offline but also online.

Lucki bot wearing a Coca-Cola style suit

Coca-Cola is using Lucki bot in different locations to market their product. It is the biggest beverage company, with a variety of drinks like the original Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta and many other soft drinks. More than 1.9 billion servings of these drinks are enjoyed in more than 200 countries every day. With more than 700,000 individual employees, and 225+ bottling partners, Coca-Cola is the market leader of refreshment across the entire globe.

“Customers can’t pass by the intelligent service robot without taking a Coke.”

In Romania, Coca-Cola is displayed in a variety of supermarkets with the help of Lucki bot. Wearing a Coca-Cola style suit, Lucki shows Coca-Cola around to supermarket customers. Lucki’s screen can play advertisements to achieve better promotion results. They do what they know best: they can give you a Coke or, if you want it to be cold, they will lead you to the fridge. Customers can’t pass by the intelligent service robot without taking a Coke. Also, interactive promotion is probably the most effective method to make your product known directly to potential customers, but also to be one step ahead of competitors.

Lucki bot cruising in a supermarkt with Heineken

Cheers to Lucki bot with Heineken Silver

Not only Coca-Cola is using Lucki to market their product, but also Heineken, the number one brewer in Europe and the most international brewer in the world. Beer has been bringing people together for thousands of years. Since 1864, Heineken has been doing its part to put a smile on consumers’ faces while continuously renewing and adapting. Now, Heineken has around 300 brands, 165 breweries, and 190 countries to which they sell worldwide, cheers to that!

“Higher sales of Heineken Silver”

The Romanian supermarket also used Lucki to market Heineken Silver beer. Lucki shows clients the promotion by cruising through the shop, with a promotion video on its screen, and fully wrapped in Heineken branding. Results of this marketing trick? Great attractions of customers and of course, higher sales of Heineken Silver!

It's a win-win situation

Lucki bot is more and more used in supermarkets. In E. Leclerc in France are Lucki bots used to display fresh and warm products for customers to taste. Lucki was able to run a new type of promotion to add freshness to the supermarkets. In Germany, Lucki was used at Rewe supermarket in Germany to advertise the nutritious soup, and guide customers to the soup aisle.

It is a win-win situation, corporate companies can promote their brand image and supermarkets can promote their products. Lucki bot can do different things in a supermarket in order to make the work more efficient and attract customers into buying a product. It guides customers around, it’s a great marketing tool for products, and it takes away the reluctant work of employees to be more human at work.


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