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Thank you for visiting us at Horeca Expo!

Last week, we've visited the 5-day hospitality fair, the Horeca Expo in Ghent. It's one of the largest exhibitions for the Belgian catering sector and industrial kitchens! With more than 50.000 visitors, 3.000 brands and 529 exhibitors, we're one of the standholders to showcase and demonstrate our smart service robots. Not only was Lucki visible at our stand, but also at the stands of our partners Juice Solutions and Bresc BV.

While Lucki was busy handing out brochures and demonstrating its functions to our guests, our team was ready to explain how Lucki could work in your company. Many interesting companies and industries came by. From restaurants to event halls, to swimming pools and potential partnerships, thank you to everyone who visited us!

Our booth

We brought our showstopping Lucki bots with us to the stand. With a total of 7 Lucki’s, our stand was a real eye-catcher! Our biggest showstopper was Lucki with the big screen, where promotional videos were displayed. This way our efficient restaurant robot became a outstanding AI marketing robot. Our restaurant robot was really helpful with handing out brochures and serving drinks to our guests, while our team is here to explain any questions about how our Lucki can help you in your scenario. We want to highlight the top 5 most asked questions:

"What can the robot do?"

While our Lucki can do different things for different occasions, Lucki’s main task is to bring products (food, drinks, dirty dishes, towels, presents, etc.) from place A to place B. Our Lucki is the most stable restaurant robot around. Transporting drinks and soups without any spills is an easy task for our Lucki. With Lucki’s 10.1-inch screen, it is easy to show pictures and videos to upsell your products.

"Can Lucki talk?"

Lucki can talk. Unfortunately, Lucki is not a good listener. You can set up Lucki with a sentence to say, but Lucki can not responds back.

"How do you install the robot?"

You might think it will be really difficult to install Lucki and that you may need to install something on your ceiling. However, it is actually really easy! First, you show Lucki a tour of your location. Meanwhile, Lucki is scanning the surroundings and mapping out your location. After the mapping, you can show Lucki's locations and save the fixed points of interest. Then, on your device, you make some routes and no-go lines. And you are done! You can make the lines wider, this way if someone or something is on the robot's route, Lucki can dodge it without making a stop.

"Can you order on the robot?"

Yes and no. Technically speaking, you can’t order on Lucki. However, it is possible to put in a QR code (if your POS system has one), and customers can scan it and order on their phone.

"Will an uneven floor bother the robot?"

No. Our Lucki is really stable as Lucki has stabilizers in order to transport any liquid products (drinks or soups) from A to B effortlessly. Carpets, uneven floors and slopes are not a problem for our Lucki

The perfect AI marketing robot

Thirsty? No problem, Lucki was also handing out Juice Solutions' amazing smoothie samples! The visitors loved it! Lucki was also at the stand of our neighbours, Bresc. Lucki was handing out their delicious seasoning and sauces!

We want to thank everyone that visited our stand! It was truly nice to meet you all and we were happy to help you answer any questions. The Horeca Expo in Ghent is the last event for 2022. However, you are welcome to come to visit Lucki at one of our restaurants! See you next year, at a new event!

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