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Lucki Bot Enhancing the Customer Experience at Parkstad Plaza

At Parkstad Plaza, a popular buffet restaurant located in Kerkrade, the team has recently welcomed a new member to the family: Lucki, a robot designed specifically for use in the food and hospitality industry. We at OrionStar Europe are thrilled to see our product being put to good use at Parkstad Plaza and helping to enhance the customer experience.

Freeing Up Time for Employee-Customer Interactions

One of the key ways that Lucki has been assisting the team at Parkstad Plaza is by freeing up time for employee-customer interactions. In the past, tasks such as clearing tables and transporting dirty dishes to the dishwashing station could be time-consuming and physically demanding for human staff. With Lucki on the team, these tasks are completed quickly and efficiently, allowing the staff to focus on interacting with customers and providing top-notch customer service.

Customers at Parkstad Plaza have noticed the difference that Lucki has made in terms of employee-customer interactions. Many have commented on the increased attentiveness and friendliness of the staff, stating that they feel like they are receiving a more personalized and enjoyable dining experience.

Streamlining Dishwashing Duties

In addition to freeing up time for employee-customer interactions, Lucki has also been instrumental in streamlining the dishwashing process at Parkstad Plaza. Its precise movements and sturdy build allow it to efficiently gather dirty dishes from tables and transport them to the dishwashing station without spilling or making mistakes. This has greatly increased the speed at which dirty dishes are cleared from tables, leading to a more efficient and enjoyable dining experience for customers. With the removable trays, it is possible to put dishwash boxes in Lucki in order to gather many dirty dishes at once.

Lucki is able to help out your restaurant even though the food and drinks are not served by workers. In this case, Lucki is helping out Parkstad Plaza in Kerkrade by picking up the dirty dishes and delivering the dirty dishes to the dishwasher station.

Assisting with Hard Work

Lucki's capabilities don't stop there. The robot has also been a valuable asset when it comes to completing physically demanding tasks. Its quick movements and efficient work ethic have been valuable to the restaurant, freeing up the human staff to focus on more important tasks.

As the use of robots in the food and hospitality industry continues to grow, it is clear that Lucki and other robots like it have the potential to greatly enhance the customer experience and streamline operations at restaurants around the world. We at OrionStar Europe are excited to be at the forefront of this revolution and look forward to seeing the continued success of Lucki and other robots in the industry.

Overall, Lucki has been a valuable addition to the team at Parkstad Plaza. Its efficient work ethic and ability to assist with various tasks have made it a valuable asset to the restaurant. We are proud to see Lucki helping to enhance the customer experience at Parkstad Plaza and look forward to continuing to work with the team there in the future.


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