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Lucki bot steals the show at the BBB Maastricht

During 10-12 October we were one of the exhibitors at the Dutch hospitality fair BBB Maastricht. It is an annual international trade fair for catering companies from the Netherlands and Belgium with more than 11.000 visitors. Lucki bot was not only a true show stopper at our stand but also at our partners: Maastricht Hospitality House, Tender One Cocktailmachines, and Unilever.

It was a great success and we were excited to connect with many guests and companies. While we were talking to our visitors, Lucki was handing out flyers and serving our guests food & drinks in our pop-up restaurant. We've summarised the fair for you in less than 1 minute in our aftermovie!

Our booth

First of all, we want to thank our visitors that visited our booth, it was truly nice to meet you! Our booth was built to provide information about our robots, but also to immediately demonstrate how Lucki can work in a restaurant scenario. In our restaurant setup, Lucki was cruising around giving out food and drinks while we were talking with our guests about how they could use Lucki in their company. Outside our booth, Lucki was cruising around giving flyers and brochures. Lucki bot was a real eye-catcher!

Maastricht Hospitality House

Maastricht Hospitality House is the place to be for some drinks and snacks. This booth contained many brands such as Blanch Dael, NABLAB - Lyre’s, Bidfood, Deltawines, Bisschopsmolen, Staffable, Les Amis GastrEUnomiques, Stadsbrouwerij Maastricht, Demo Productions and Prop’s Brewery. We've transformed our Lucki bot into a special robot with a big screen, especially for Maastricht Hospitality House. The robot cruised around the stand, attracting customers by walking around and showing the logos of the companies on the big screen.

“The robot was the perfect tool to create a spotlight for the booth and to show our partner.”

Maastricht Hospitality house, screen bot

TenderOne Cocktails

While TenderOne Cocktails was networking and connecting with their visitors, Lucki bot was attracting visitors and handing out informative flyers and brochures. This way, TenderOne Cocktails had more time to network at their booth. It is an innovative and interactive way to hand out flyers. It saves time but also it is fun for the visitors to watch Lucki cruise around and dance. If someone stands in front of Lucki, Lucki will offer the person a flyer to take with them. Lucki is there to help you.

“Lucki helped a lot with handing out flyers and brochures, it saved me time and it was still interactive way to hand out the flyers”.

Lucki the AI marketing tool at a fair


Thirsty? No problem, Lucki was cruising around with Lipton Ice Tea Green Zero! Unilever is a multinational corporation selling consumer goods including foods, beverages, and personal care products. Unilever used our Lucki to hand out and promote their newest beverage. While Unilever is talking to their visitors, Lucki was walking around the booth with the Ice Tea Green Zero samples. It is the perfect way to promote their product.

“Lucki was the perfect walking hand, it saved me time as I didn’t need to hand it out myself. It looks fun and brought a lot of attention to my booth”.

Ice tea green Lucki providing drinks

Horeca Expo 20-24 November 2022

The fair was a big success for all of us. We want to thank you all for coming! We can’t wait till the next fair in Ghent! Between 20-24 November, we're one of the exhibitors at the Horeca Expo in Ghent. This is also a hospitality fair where passionate professionals meet. We hope to see you soon!

our team


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