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New! Control your Lucki bot via your phone

A brand new app is just launched for Android and IOS for our Lucki bot users: the "Robot Admin" app. It is now possible to control and give tasks to all your restaurant robots, at any place and at any time. The restaurant robot only needs to be connected to the internet in order to receive the instructions. Curious about the new app and what the possibilities are? We have summarized the features of the app for you in 1 minute of reading time.

"Easy to use app for the restaurant robot, Lucki bot"

Go Function

On the Robot Admin app, you can give a task to Lucki to go to a point. Remotely control Lucki to go to a certain table, or to go to the kitchen, without physically touching the screen. This can be used anywhere in the world, as long as you and the robot have WiFi. Is Lucki at a different location in your restaurant? No problem, with the Robot Admin app, you do not need to walk twice, just call Lucki from your phone.


In the Datacenter you can find results about using Lucki bot. Results such as:

  • How many times Lucki has bot delivered food and/or drinks to a table in 'Delivery mode'

  • How many times Lucki bot has escorted a guest to a table in 'Guidance mode'

  • How long Lucki bot drove around with promotion in 'Cruising mode'

  • How many laps Lucki bot has done in 'Cruising mode''

You can view this data in the Robot Admin app for today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days, or any other custom period as you wish to view.

Different modes

The robot Admin app has the same modes that you see on the restaurant robot screen. With this innovative app, it is much easier to upload promotions and give tasks. All tasks that are given will be handled immediately by the robot even if you are not nearby. The different modes are:

Delivery mode

With the delivery mode on the Robot Admin app, you can easily put photos and videos on Lucki. It became much easier for you to publish new content. Furthermore, you can create a speech to say for Lucki when arriving at the table. For example, “<table number> the meal you ordered has arrived, it is on Tier <tier number>, please pick up your meal>”. No need to start up your laptop or computer, from anywhere at any time, you can change the photo or video and the speech of Lucki.


As already known, Lucki has a screen where you can put pictures or videos on. It is the perfect AI marketing tool for restaurants. It creates immediately attention on the screen as the restaurant robot constantly walks by. With the Robot Admin app, it is possible to upload media immediately from your phone. This makes it much easier to upload photos and videos in real-time. You can change the speech, promotion ad settings and the signature dish settings of Lucki on Promotion mode.

Cruise mode

Want to use the robot just for marketing purposes? Lucki can cruise around your restaurant with samples or just for promotion on the screen. With the app, you just click on cruise mode, then click which locations you want Lucki to walk by, in which order, and how long Lucki should stay per location.


Lucki can also guide you to the right table, or at a museum give you a tour around the museum. With the new app, you can change the guidance ads, the broadcast start script, and the broadcast arrival script.

Collection mode

While Lucki is mostly used to bring out dishes, but did you know that Lucki is also able to collect dirty dishes? With the app, you can add music that Lucki on collection mode will play.

The efficiency with the new Robot Admin app

With the new app, it became much easier, more efficient, and faster to control our restaurant robot, Lucki bot. With the app, Lucki can upload content in just a second, even when you are not around Lucki. The robot and your phone just have to be connected to the internet. Furthermore, with the Go function, you can control Lucki to go from place A to place B, and it became much easier to check the statistics of Lucki in the Data Center.


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