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Our CEO wins the Parkstad Limburg Economy Award!

We are glad to announce that our CEO Danny Deng won the Parkstad Limburg Economy Award 2022! The award is for entrepreneurs that contribute to the welfare and economic prosperity of Parkstad Limburg in the Netherlands.

Our CEO winning economy award 2022

Parkstad Limburg Economy Award

6 months ago, our CEO Danny Deng was nominated for the Parkstad Limburg Economy award. After 3 rounds of voting and selecting, Danny Deng, won! The Parkstad Limburg Economy award is for entrepreneurs who contribute uniquely to economic development and social challenges in the Parkstad region. Parkstad Limburg is a governance partnership and an area in Southeast Limburg, with more than 255,000 residents. The towns Heerlen, Kerkrade, Landgraaf, Brunssum, Voerendaal, Simpelveld and Beekdaelen form together Parkstad Limburg. The award is also to help strengthen economic activity in the Parkstad region. Alexander Geers, alderman of the town of Kerkrade was also present at the award ceremony.

“As a municipality, we are proud of Danny Deng and happy with entrepreneurs who know how to respond to current needs in society.”

Alderman, Alexander Geers giving a hand to our CEO

Parkstad Plaza

The award was for his restaurant in Parkstad Limburg, Parkstad Plaza. Parkstad Plaza is an all-you-can-eat buffet, a culinary world trip with food from all over the world. Parkstad Plaza is all about the 3 F’s, Fun, Food and Familiy. Their ambition lies in Ikigai, a Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being”. Innovation is also important for Parkstad Plaza. They use our restaurant robot, Lucki bot, to clean off the tables to create more free time for staff to have more personal contact and service with customers. Next to Parkstad Plaza, our CEO has other restaurants all over The Netherlands. The robots are used in almost all of his restaurants for different tasks, varying from delivering food to spreading marketing content.

“From a small family-owned hospitality business in the Netherlands to a world-wide known AI company in the robotics industry.

A CEO with multiple restaurants helps identify other restaurants' pains and needs. This way, OrionStar Europe can help you optimally. Lucki is designed specifically for the needs of restaurants. Our knowledge and experience translate into precise applications that alleviate the pain points that our industry is familiar with.

CEO Danny Deng

Thank you!

Danny Deng is really grateful for this award. Even in his speech, he said that he wants to thank everyone! Our CEO would like to thank the board of Parkstad Limburg Economy Award for all the good care and for all the hard work! He also would like to thank his family and friends for all their support and love. Furthermore, he also wants to thank his colleagues because without them there would be no Parkstad Plaza. Finally, thanks to all the guests and followers for all the support!

Groups picture

OrionStar Europe family

Congratulations Danny with the Parkstad Limburg Economy award! We, the OrionStar Europe team, would like to thank Danny for his commitment to innovation and technology in OrionStar Europe. We believe in big changes that can happen in the future to help humans become more human at work.


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