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A Powerful Robot With A Powerful Qualcomm Processor

Qualcomm, as the world’s leading wireless tech innovator, thrives for an enhanced digital transformation to create a smarter and more connected future for everyone. At Orionstar we implement this technology through a powerful Qualcomm-8 core Snapdragon processor.

Qualcomm logo

The Qualcomm Developer Network has been founded. In order to equip pioneers with a platform to exchange and enrich progress. their importance in the market.

The breakthroughs are not happening in isolation

The Qualcomm Developer Network has been founded. In order to equip pioneers with a platform to exchange progress and enrich progress.

Already in march 2021, OrionStar smart service robots have been equipped with snapdragon processors capable of 5G connectivity. To this date, 70% of the 5G bases have been stationed in China. However, more and more 5G stations are being deployed in Europe and will also grow further in the future. In combination with AI, the interaction between human and robot has become seamless and straightforward. Solutions exemplify how both 5G and AI can provide immersive experiences for customers through robotics, while also enabling smarter efficiencies for multiple verticals and industries.

“OrionStar’s robot products embedded with Qualcomm Technologies.”

AI thinking like a human

Computational power is the translation of complex thinking of humans into AI. This process is like a human, a very intense procedure and fatigue would lower the performance of outcome. With the snapdragon 845 processor, we have equipped our robots with a processor that can withstand all the complicated tasks and processes that are needed to perform as smooth and agile. Basically, the strength of the processor gives us at OrionStar more freedom to develop and increase the quality of our AI.

“Qualcomm Technologies robotics platforms and solutions are leading the way in the creation and enables powerful, secure, and intelligent robots, reshaping the way the world thinks about, utilizes and interacts with robotics technologies.”

Robust Scalability is what we like to specifically acknowledge within our realm of processes. Especially, as we use very taxing technologies such as image processing, 3d acceleration, audio processing, sensor management, camera control and many more. Our AI can be extended with ease and put into practice seamlessly.

Looking forward

At OrionStar, we always look for partners in the service robot industry in order to develop, cooperate and conduct in-depth studies on additional ways to benefit the robotics industry. As stated in our mission, we thrive to make robotics more accessible and easy.

In concordance with global forecasts by Markets and Markets where an increase of the global intelligent robot opportunity from 6.1 billion USD in 2020 – 23 billion USD in 2025 is excepted, we look toward opportunities for growth and innovation in the realms of AI. The exploration is eased by having implemented the Snapdragon – SNP 825 with 8 cores to our repertoire and we look forward to an even more innovated future.


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