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The helping restaurant robot

Restaurant robots are new in the market and the trend is growing to have a robot in a restaurant. But what does it exactly do? How can a robot help you in your restaurant? In this article, you will read about what a restaurant robot is and what its benefits are.

Happy bday Lucki restaurant robot

What are restaurant robots?

Robots are all devices and systems designed to perform a range of specific tasks with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Essentially, restaurant robots are robots that help you in your restaurant. It has different tasks and different purposes. One robot can help you with delivering dishes and the other one can be for inviting your guest over to your restaurants. The most important part, a restaurant robot is here to help you and your employees. This way, your employee has more time to talk and interact with customers creating a customer-friendly service.

Curious about how a restaurant robot works, check out the video below!

Where does the trend come from?

Restaurant robot has been growing rapidly. The trend already began back in 2008 mainly in Japan, South Korea and China. One of the first restaurants in Europe where robots appeared was during the Covid pandemic in 2019, restaurant chain DADAWAN in the Netherlands. The trend comes from the idea of modernisation and making it more efficient in restaurants. It is a new form of marketing and operations in restaurants

Restaurant robot stable Lucki delivery

What can restaurant robots do?

Deliver food and drinks

A restaurant robot is often designed to transport dishes and drinks safely from place A to place B. Our Lucki can do this stable and efficiently. Drinks, soups and coffee are no problem for Lucki bot, it can carry up to 40 kg with ease. Having a robot that can deliver food and drinks creates more time for the employee to help customers. With just a tap on the screen or the phone APP, the robot will go to the right table while avoiding obstacles and walking customers.

Work as a marketing tool

Next to the fact that a robot gets a lot of attention online and offline, some robots (also Lucki bot) even have a screen. With that screen, you can show a video or photo of the recommended dish of the day. Let the restaurant robot cruise around the restaurant with a photo or video and show it throughout your whole restaurant.

Bringing away dirty dishes

A need of a helping hand with collecting dirty dishes and glasses? No problem, the restaurant robot is here to help you. Restaurant robots can walk with you to the table to collect the dirty dishes or cruise on their own, and customers will place them on the robot for you. The robot will thank your customers for putting dirty dishes on the robot.

Cruising around the restaurant

A restaurant robot is the perfect offline marketing tool. Restaurant robots can cruise around the restaurant on their own, entertain customers and show photos and/or videos. It is an interactive AI marketing tool and your customers will love it.

Leading customers to the correct table + reception robot

Next to a restaurant delivery robot, a restaurant robot can also help you greet your guest and lead them to their table. A reception robot will even consider walking up to the guest and greeting the guest in a fun and interactive way. Some restaurant reception robots will even have a follow me function and detect if the person is following them.

Fun interaction with customers

Most people will think that restaurant robots are quite cold however, there are robots that are fun and interactive with their customers. On the other hand, robots help you and your employers efficiently. This way, you and your employees will have more time to interact with customers.

The pros and cons of restaurant robots

A restaurant robot is here to assist you and your staff. Restaurants will operate more efficiently due to the robots, and there will be no need for a rushed atmosphere in your restaurant because your employees will have more time to help customers. A restaurant robot can help you on the work floor, showing marketing content, with customer interaction and overall attracting customers to your restaurant. Even though a restaurant robot can help you with a lot of things, we like to point out that robots are here to help you and not replace you or your staff. There will be people or customers who do not like having a restaurant robot. However, it is important to point out that robots won’t steal anyone’s job. Also, it is also important that the employees should know that they should make use of this opportunity and use the time to interact with their customers, so the restaurant stays customer service friendly. Unfortunately, The restaurant robot is not for everyone, we will carefully advise you if a restaurant robot can help you. For example, if your restaurant is too small, we would not recommend acquiring a restaurant robot

Use cases

Restaurant robots are used all over the world. You can think of McDonald's and Pizza Hut, but also smaller/medium-sized restaurants like the All-you-can-eat buffet in Kerkrade, Parkstad Plaza. More information about use cases can be found in our resources, use cases.

Pizza Hut Lucki restaurant robot

In conclusion, restaurant robot helps with efficiency in restaurants and creates a sophisticated and modern look. It can help you and your employees with different tasks that vary from delivering dishes, marketing and greeting your customers.


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