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Restaurant Robots

Restaurants are growing rapidly and always looking for more efficiency on the work floor. Restaurants may encounter operational challenges that may hold up their efficiency in the restaurant. Our restaurant robots, Mini Bot and Lucki Bot, is the perfect solution for problems related to difficulties in serving food and drinks, high costs, and challenges in sharing marketing.

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Lucki can successfully enhance efficiency in food delivery, and minimise labour expenses. Additionally, Mini is able to act as a receptionist and greet customers. Both restaurant robots take the initiative to acquire customers and improve income through advertising and marketing. Our restaurant robots are a must-have solution.

"Problems related to difficulties in recruiting people, high costs and challenges in marketing can all be helped with the restaurant robot, Mini bot and Lucki bot."

Lucki, the Robot Waiter

  • The Robot Waiter: deliver foods and drinks with a total capacity of 40 kg with convenient and flexible trays. Lucki is the perfect waiter that can provide stable service to the customer with just a touch on the screen. With the customer-friendly service, the food will arrive to the customers in no time.

  • A Small Walking TV: with Lucki’s 10.1-inch screen, Lucki is able to show advertisements and recommend signature dishes while cruising around and delivering food. It is a robot waiter that attracts customers to come inside and promotes its dishes in an innovative and creative way.

  • The Robot Guide: ever heard of a robot helping you to get to the right table? Our Lucki can guide the customers to a target table with just a touch on the screen while playing background music. It is the ultimate robot guide for restaurants.

  • The AI Marketing Robot: Lucki’s cruising mode makes it able to promote dishes and give out samples. Customers will immediately feel attracted when it is shown in real life and even consider buying the promoted product.

  • The Cleaning Robot: Done with eating? Lucki can go to the customer’s table to pick up the dirty dishes. Just simply ask the customers to put their dirty dishes on the tray and Lucki will carry them back for you.

Mini, the Robot Guide

  • A Small Walking TV: Mini, the AI marketing robot, is able to play advertisements on cruise mode and at a fixed point. With Mini’s 14-inch screen, Mini is able to show customers menu's, promotion video's and other advertisements.

  • The Reception Robot: Mini is able to recognise when a person walks in or walks by. It will act like a host and approach the person. With Mini's powerful voice interaction function and rotatable body, it really feels like a face-to-face conversation with customers.

  • The Robot Guide: Our Mini is able to help customers and guide the customers to the right table with a touch on the screen. With the small chassis, Mini is able to move flexibly with background music. It is the perfect robot guide for restaurants.

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