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Supermarket Robots

Customer-friendly service and product marketing are important aspects of supermarkets. But have you ever heard of a helping supermarket robot? Helping customers is mostly done by supermarket employees. However, they are not able to do the supermarket marketing for you. Our supermarket robot can do both. The supermarket robots can help customers but also help you with showing marketing content.

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Lucki and Mini are both able to innovate product advertisements in a creative and customer-friendly way. Mini is an interactive supermarket robot to make the supermarket more customer friendly, while Lucki can carry around products and samples. The middle shelf strategy lies in the past, our smart service robots will be your new biggest selling point in product placement.

"Lucki can carry around products and samples while Mini is more interactive to make to supermarket more customer friendly." 

Lucki, the AI Marketing Robot

  • The AI Marketing Robot: Lucki is able to cruise around the supermarket carrying and promoting products. This will create a much more interactive and innovative way of promoting and displaying a product. Lucki is able to carry a capacity of 40 kg while being an interactive AI marketing robot for supermarkets at the same time.

  • Dressing up Lucki: with stickers and accessories, Lucki is able to really highlight a product. By wrapping Lucki with your branding colors and logo, Lucki will be the perfect team member and it boosts your branding image as well.

  • A Small Walking TV: with the 10.1-inch screen, Lucki is able to advertise products on the screen by playing a video or promotion photo. It can show the promoted or highlighted products of the day, week, or month.

  • Free Walking Samples: do you want to let customers taste a new product? Lucki is able to carry around samples on cruise mode and on a fixed point. It is an interactive AI marketing robot that will pass by customers offering samples.

Mini, the Robot Guide

  • The Robot Guide:  customers are not able to find a product? Mini is able to guide your customers to the right aisle and product. 

  • Greeting Customers: if you want someone to be at the door attracting and welcoming customers, Mini got you covered. With Mini's capabilities of approaching people and having a two-way conversation, it is the perfect interactive and innovative way to greet customers.

  • A Small Walking TV: Mini, the AI marketing robot, can also play advertisements on cruise mode and at a fixed point. With Mini’s 14-inch screen, Mini is able to show customers promoted, highlighted products and other advertisements. 

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