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Exclusive interview with the COO of OrionStar Europe

When it comes to innovation and leadership in the robotics industry, one name stands out above the rest: Jason Li, COO of Orionstar Europe. In this blog you will get to know more about the background story of OrionStar Europe and why we want the help the hospitality industry with Lucki bot.

Jason Li comes from the restaurant industry like our customers. Growing up in a family-owned restaurant, Jason learned firsthand the challenges and rewards of the business. From gaining experience working in various restaurants, he wanted to help the hospitality industry. With this background, Jason brings an unique perspective to OrionStar Europe, understanding the needs and challenges of restaurant owners and employees in Europe.

Where did the journey of OrionStar Europe begin?

Jason started his journey with restaurant robots by trying different service robots in his own restaurants. His uncle, Danny Deng, CEO of OrionStar Europe, saw the trend of restaurant robots in Asia. He wanted to try the robots as well in his own restaurants in The Netherlands. After trying several different brands of robots in his own restaurant. He found that none of them lived up to his expectations in terms of reliability and efficiency. Eventually, he found the restaurant robot that helped him with efficiency and service in his restaurant, Lucki bot from OrionStar.

After trying Lucki bot in his own restaurant, Jason and his uncle, Danny, became inspired and they were so impressed with the quality and functionality of Lucki bot that they became the main distributor in Europe, bringing our innovative technology to restaurants across Europe.

What is for you important when selling our Lucki?

"We find it important that we really sell to a customer that can benefit from our Lucki. We truly believe that the efficiency and workflow can improve when using our robot Lucki."

What does the future hold for us?

"Now, our focus is on assisting humans to reach their full potential in the workplace. By incorporating robots into various industries, we believe that we can alleviate many of the challenges that humans face. Our robots stand out due to their innovative designs, stability, and ability to communicate in multiple languages. We are committed to providing users with exceptional experiences through our robots."

On behalf of OrionStar Europe, we want to wish everyone a happy 2023, with a lot of prosperity and luck. Hopefully, Lucki will be standing out in your restaurant and helping you with repetitive tasks. There will be a lot more exciting things coming in 2023!


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