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AI marketing robot for events, fares and exhibitions

Our AI marketing robots are perfect for events, fares and exhibitions to promote your products or services in an innovative and creative way. Both robots is a eyecathing marketing tool that attract leads to your stand. While you are networking and socialising, our AI marketing robots are able to help you acquire more visitors and can even help you share information.

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While mini is greeting your guest, Lucki can cruise around promoting or giving out products and samples. You will have more time to connect with your visitors at the event. This frees up space for the team members to network more and you do not have to worry about standing out during the fair!

Lucki, the AI Marketing Robot

  • Dressing Up Lucki: customise the appearance of Lucki and make it part of your team by wearing your company's brand colors and logo's. It is guaranteed to have offline & online attention, and it also boosts your brand image. 

  • AI Marketing Robot: Lucki is able to cruise around the event and carry products or flyers to promote. This enables an interactive and innovative way of promoting and displaying a product. 

  • A Small Walking TV: with Lucki’s 10.1-inch screen, Lucki is able to advertise products on the screen by playing a video or promotion photo. It can show information of the company or even greet customers for you.

Mini, the AI Marketing Robot

  • Greeting Robot: want to greet visitors but you are too busy with networking with other visitors? Let Mini the AI marketing robot, greet your visitors for you. Mini bot is an interactive smart robot that can interact with people walking by. With Mini's capabilities of approaching people and having a conversation, it is the perfect interactive and innovative way to greet customers.

  • A Small Walking TV: Mini bot, the AI marketing robot, can also play advertisements on cruise mode and at a fixed point. With Mini’s 14-inch screen, Mini is able to show visitors advertisements, promotions or information about the company.

BBB Maastricht

Check out the latest blog about the hospitality fair in Maastricht, the Netherlands!

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