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Technological advancements are the predecessors of operational advancements in any type of industry. Using service robots enables new directions of business opportunities. We open our ears for you. Next to providing you with outstanding robotics, we are also specialised in consulting on how you can implement the robots in new ways. Our open source software enables you to explore possibilities which maybe no one else before you have thought about.



Naturally, characteristics such as efficiency, customer support, upselling and process automation are attractive for any type of company. As we offer consultation, we are happy to help you on how to use the robots in new ways.

Lucki, the Smooth & Agile Delivery Robot

  • The Delivery Robot: goods have to arrive from A to B, but there are obstacles and people on the way? Lucki can carry up to 40 Kg for you.

  • AI Marketing Robot:  your employees might dress up to represent your brand, but they are probably not able to carry a screen with them. In whatever process you might use Lucki, by showing marketing material or information, you maximise the operational value.

Mini, the Smart & Reliable Social Robot

  • Someone to turn to:  in many scenarios, customers want answers, as soon as possible. Depending on your workflow, you might not be able to satisfy this need completely, but Mini can take over while you are finishing up your task

  • Simplification: big companies, Big stores, Many products - all are wonderful for your company, but the likelihood to lose your orientation as a customer increases. In such complex scenarios, Mini can pick up customers, guide them or even tell them something about your product

  • The guiding robot: if it is for museums, elderly houses, libraries or restaurants, Mini can guide the people to the right destination while promoting or giving information. While you are busy, Mini will act as a guiding robot and can give tours.

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