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Lucki, the popular face at DADAWAN

Curious about how Lucki works in the Asian fast-food restaurant, DADAWAN? We had an exclusive interview with the shift leader of DADAWAN in Kerkrade, Maarten Kunkels! We asked questions about the usage of Lucki in DADAWAN en what the customers and employees think of Lucki.


DADAWAN is an Asian fast-food restaurant with a total of 6 locations in the Netherlands! The 6 locations together have a total of 1250 seats. You can find DADAWAN in Maastricht (DADAWAN & Little DADAWAN), Arnhem, Eindhoven, Tilburg and Kerkrade. DADAWAN started in 2015 in Maastricht, where they just opened their second location Little DADAWAN as well. With their inspirational mission, “Worldy food, small town prices”, they conquer the hearts of their customers.

Their signature dishes are the hot stone bowls and stone plates! There is always something on the menu that fits you. They have a generous selection of lobster dishes, burgers, sushi, and poke bowls as well!

How Maarten experiences Lucki in DADAWAN

How Lucki is used in DADAWAN?

DADAWAN use Lucki to serve their delicious food and drinks. In DADAWAN Kerkrade they have a total of 4 Lucki’s, 2 for the bar and 2 for the kitchen. Maarten Kunkels: “It is very easy to use, just a press on the screen and you are done, plus there is no need to walk several times as Lucki has several trays. I noticed a big difference if I use Lucki and I don’t use Lucki. The tasks are much easier and there is more time to help other customers.” Their 4 Lucki’s walks a total of 16 kilometres per day at DADAWAN Kerkrade! Maarten experiences more free time to interact with customers but also helps their customers.

“I am happy that I got to work with Lucki, it is really efficient and stable to use”

How do customers experience the robots?

Customers also have a positive experience with our Lucki. According to Maarten, some customers come to DADAWAN only to see the robot! Also, It is easy to upsell, Maarten notices that there is a upsell of 70% when they put a picture on Lucki. There are some customers that do not like to be served by a robot. However, with the robot, servers have more time to interact with those customers that do not like to be served by the robot.

How do employees experiences the robots?

Their employees love to work with Lucki. According to Maarten, he noticed that employees find it really easy to use and really relieves their hard work. No need for rush anymore and more time to interact with customers.

DADAWAN chose our Lucki because of the efficiency that is behind it. Our Lucki is known to be easy to use and stable. `The goal of Lucki is clear, Lucki helps you to transport food and drinks from A to B in an interactive way while showing a picture or video. This can be done in different scenarios with different products on Lucki. For Lucki are drinks and soups not a problem. With that being said, Lucki is efficient and accurate!


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