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Exclusive Partnership between Zorabots & Orionstar Europe

In this short article, we will talk about what Zorabots Operating System (ZBOS) actually is and how it can actually improve the operation within OrionStar Europe. Moreover, we mentioned what makes ZBOS stand out and how it has performed over the years. In the end, we also present what this means for you, as the potential user of such a robot

Partnership Zorabots

What is ZBOS and what makes it stand out

Zorabots is one of the pioneers of robotics software. For more than 10 years, Zora has been proving themselves on the market and were able to produce some impressive results. Nowadays, as the robotic market is much more developed and has many more stakeholders, Zorabotis was able to secure important partnerships to strive forward to innovation. The approach is to give life to robots and make robots using the Zora developed software "ZBOS" able to interact socially.

Features that signify the importance of ZBOS are the high level of security and flexibility through a developer-friendly platform. In order to create an expandable repertoire, the software is built to be universal from the ground up. This makes the ZBOS software adaptable to any smart device and opens up possibilities beyond robotics. This has become more important in times of general increases of connectivity in day-to-day operations, such as smart houses, smartwatches and much more. Various applications, features and a control platform are assets in order to ease the interaction with ZBOS. Therefore, Zorabots have created their own education and support platform to form an accessible and easy to learn universe.

Where is ZBOS Already used?

Theory has already been put to practice, elderly care facilities around the world use the robots with ZBOS software to engage patients with physical and mental exercises. The declining readiness of young professionals to engage in healthcare has translated into making elderly feel lonely in the elderly houses. The social interaction with the robots gives them a little joy in their day-to-day life. Moreover, industrial sectors such as retail, education and tourism have also flourished over time.

OrionStar Europe, now exclusively extends the usage of Zorabots software into hospitality and operational industries. The fit between both entities is based on underlying similarities in company values. The modifiable and flexible nature of OrionStar Europe robots are further extended with ZBOS software. Today, this strategic partnership enables developers the freedom to develop innovations and further develop the functionalities of robots. Security, is another strong complementary factor between OrionStar Europe and ZBOS, we believe that this is a very underestimated factor among other robotics entities. Lastly, we share the philosophy of education, we want to show people how easy robots have become.

How do we use ZBOS in Lucki & Mini

Looking at OrionStar's social robot “Minibot” the usage of ZBOS can extend the utility in the healthcare sector but also in the hospitality industry. Minibot acts as a comprehensive conversation partner and can interact with patients using his interactive, 14-inch touch screen. Mini bot can be very freely designed without using a single line of coding to meet also expectations in other sectors. Today Mini is used frequently as a tour guide or as a reception in hotels, museums and supermarkets, but also as a marketing expert who greets and present customers with products.

Restaurant robot and reception robot

In an operational manner, the delivery robot Lucki bot enables ZBOS to enter now a variety of additional industries to their portfolio. Initially, Lucki bot was designed for restaurants, to reduce the physical strain of the workers. Over time, the design and development made it possible to have a smooth and easy interaction with Lucki bot which generally results in a more productive workflow. Nowadays, the strong points of Lucki bot have been recognized and different sectors are showing interest, basically any industry where something has to be brought from A to B in the most productive and secure manner. As the market is growing, the demands and expectations do indeed require such a flexible and easy-to-use framework.

What does it mean for you?

For the end user, this partnership resulted in an increased experience of user-friendliness and developer friendliness. The opportunity of receiving education from both, Zorabots and OrionStar Europe puts us into the position of information hub on the market. We want to help to make robots more accessible and easy to use for everyone.


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