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Service Robots - Agile and Smooth
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Service Robots That Really Help

Less Strain

You have to carry less, walk less, and can say goodbye to repetitive tasks.

More Time

Boost your productivity and spend more time with your customers.

More Visible

Increase your sales with innovative marketing. Branding that goes beyond T-shirts.

Personalized. Userfriendly. Supportive.

We operate on a problem-based approach. As a market leader in customer service, we listen to your situation and give you personal advice. Paired with our easy-to-use service robots,
we provide solutions.

Get a free, non-binding advice on how we can innovate your business.


Worldwide in Active Use

Lucki bot - delivery robot
Food delivery robot

Delivery Robot | Lucki bot

Agile & Smooth
Build to be Effective

Social robot
Mini bot - dadawan.png

Social Robot | Mini bot

Smart & Reliable
Build to Interact

The Possibilities Are Endless


(Fast casual restaurant)

“OrionStar helped me and my restaurant with customer service, efficiency at the workplace and promoting my restaurant. The robot is stable and really easy to use. OrionStar has excellent customer service as well. They really helped me with optimising the use of the robots in my restaurant and the free consultation was really helpful.”

Parkstad Plaza

(Buffet Restaurant)

“I have a Lucki bot in my all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant. I never thought that a delivery robot could also help me out at my restaurant as the customers get their food on their own. But after a free consultation, the benefits of Lucki in my restaurant became clear. Lucki is super friendly and my customers love to interact with Lucki. Nonetheless, Lucki helped my employees with collecting the dirty dishes and bringing them to the dishwasher. It is a dream purchase for my restaurant.”

Hospitality House

(BBB Maastricht fair)

“The robot is the perfect offline marketing tool! I acquired a Lucki for my exhibition and it attracted so many customers. I had time to network while my colleague, Lucki, helped me with handing out brochures and samples of my own product. it was overall easy to use, especially with the installation service provided.”

Abstracte achtergrond

Our Software is
a Game Changer


OrionStar OS x ZBOS

Our outstanding software really gives you the opportunity to craft your dream robot. Next to the Orionstar OS we also have an exclusive partnership with the leading robot software solution - Zorabots. With the simple interface provided by Zora, you can create a complex program without writing a single line of code.


European security certifications & GDPR conform, all in order to give you the safety you deserve. We care about humans and their safety, cybersecurity is one of our highest priorities. Our service robots even work without internet connection, once set up they can operate at ease.

AI Robots

Our smooth and stable manoeuvring is based on our extremely advanced AI - Software. Pared with a powerful QUALCOMM snapdragon® processor, Lucki is able to maneuver objects effortlessly and fluidly by scanning the surrounding.


OrionStar Makes Robots More Accessible

We are constantly developing our service robots to be technically efficient - to deliver the most affordable robots on the market. Our mission is to help your business to become more innovative & productive with as little barriers as possible.
We are here to help the service industry.

  • Where is the headquarter and warehouse located?
    Our European headquarter and warehouse is located in the Netherlands. This creates shorter and more secure distribution lines. Besides, in comparison with shipment from outside Europe, our warehouse is centrally located which results in faster delivery time.
  • How long does it take to install a service robot?
    This depends on the space and the amount of points of interests that need to be deployed (Such as tables, reception etc.). Usually, for 50 tables it only takes 30 min to set up the service robot. Fine tuning, is then an ongoing process based on your needs. But to sum up, its a very user friendly and efficient interface
  • What are the benefits of using the free consultancy?
    Oftentimes, it is not easy to see all the possibilities that service robots bring on the fist glance. We are here to give you more information on hot the service robot can be used specifically in your use case. We want to understand what kind of industry, company and location the request comes from in order to give the best solutions. With our consultancy we can help you find the best way for you to use the service robots.
  • What do service robots do?
    A service robot supports employees by reducing repetitive and exhausting tasks, in customer and user-friendly manner. The robots make operations more efficient on the work floor. Lucki bot helps carry around goods, products and dishes while presenting marketing content. Mini bot can be your reception guide by greeting and leading to the right destination while presenting marketing content as well.
  • How is Zorabots software used in Mini bot and Lucki bot?
    The Zorabots Operating System (ZBOS) is not a single application, but rather an ecosystem of local and cloud applications that work seamlessly together to offer the best possible user experience. With our exclusive partnership with Zorabots, the robots are able to be more interactive with - without writing a single line of code. With ZBOS personalisation possibilities are endless.
  • Is it possible for this delivery robot to transport liquids without spilling?
    Lucki bot can rapidly scan the surrounding environment and return the sensing signal with zero delays, allowing it to safely avoid obstacles, travel steadily, and navigate accurately. Moreover, Lucki is equipped with a lidar sensors which enables the robot to detect obstacles in real-time. Additionally, Lucki is equipped with an advanced suspension system, which comes in very hand for sharp turns and sudden breaking. This ensures Lucki with strong performance and stable movement. Besides, there are different delivery modes where it is possible to adjust and select the desired delivery speed as well.
  • How developer-friendly is Lucki bot?
    Lucki bot is easy to use without any technical background and can be used without writing a single line of code. Lucki is user-friendly and ready to use for every customer within any industry. Together with the Zorabots Operating System (ZBOS) and OrionStar Operating System (OrionStar OS), the possibilities are endless.
  • How can the appearance of Lucki bot be customised?
    Customisation possibilities for Lucki bot (and Mini bot) are endless. Based on your company's branding, we provide wrapping services where Lucki would blend perfectly within your team. With additional accessories, headgears, and add-ons, Lucki will be an outstanding eyecatcher.
  • Is it possible to see Lucki in Action?
    This depends on which country you are in. Feel free to contact us and we will do our utmost to make this possible.
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